Topguns Sharon Scott,  Daylily

*Topguns Sharon Scott

*Topguns Sharon Scott (7017) Dormant, Tet., UFO double, 6.50 inch flower, 5 branches, 25 buds, scape height 40 inches.  The color of Topguns Sharon Scott is light rose red with darker water mark and Apricot eye and green throat and it has a white midrib. This is not only a beautiful flower but also a very productive flower with a high branch and bud count. This flower doubles very consistently in my garden and reblooms. Topguns Sharon Scott is another of our High Elevation flowers that has scapes around 40 inches tall and it immediately attracts attention when some one enters the garden. This is both a great garden flower and show flower. From a hybridizer’s standpoint Topguns Sharon Scott  produces a lot of pollen and sets pods. (2012)