Topguns Ruby Spoonmeister,  Daylily

*Topguns Ruby Spoonmeister

*Topguns Ruby Spoonmeister (5105)    Dormant, Tet UFO., 6.00 inch flower, 5 branches, 20 buds, 34 inch scape, mid-season bloom season, and a strong re-bloomer for me in my garden. Topguns Ruby Spoonmeister  has been a special flower for me for several years. Every time I came upon that picture in a presentation, the audience lets out a sigh. The spoon shaped sepals are very consistent, and so is the branching and bud count on Topguns Ruby Spoonmeister. The petals have a clear bright red color with yellow and gold edges. Topguns Ruby Spoonmeister also has a nice lime green throat. If you like UFO’s with spoon shaped sepals, you will most likely enjoy growing Topguns Ruby Spoonmeister. (2011)