Topguns Read'em and Weep,  Daylily

*Topguns Read'em and Weep

*Topguns Read'em and Weep (10082)  Dormant tet. Double,  Mid-season bloomer, 5.00 inch flower with 4 branches, and 16 buds. The scape height is around 18 inches and is a strong re-bloomer for me. The color of 'Topguns Read'em and Weep' is a strong rose pink with a darker rose eye and thin rose edge. What sets this flower apart is a very bold bubbly gold border and a wide White midrib line on the petals. The sepals also have a gold border and white midrib. 'Topguns Read'em and Weep' has a yellow throat. All of this comes together to make one very pretty flower with endless hybridizing potential. 2015