Topguns My Friend Ellen

*Topguns My Friend Ellen
*'Topguns My Friend Ellen' (7031) Dormant, Tet., 5.00 inch flower, 6 branches, 24 buds per scape, 24 inch tall scape, mid-season bloomer, and one of the best re-bloomers I have ever produced! Topguns My Friend Ellen is with out a doubt, one of the most unique flowers I have introduced to date. Topguns My Friend Ellen  is a bi-color double with a base color of bright red. The petals have yellow bands that turn to gold on the edge of the petals. Topguns My Friend Ellen also has a distinct white mid-rib.  The petals on Topguns My Friend Ellen are a clear yellow with a little bit of rose shading on some of the sepals. Topguns My Friend Ellen is topped off with a green throat. The flower stands out all over the garden due to the bi-color which can be seen much further away than just a gold edge. Once Topguns My Friend Ellen starts to bloom it just seems to send up scape after scape! And in my garden, it doubles at least 80%  of the time. I am introducing two bi-color doubles this year, but I have a much more limited supply of Topguns My Friend Ellen so if you are interested in this flower, you might want to order early. (2011)

Awards: HM 2015,
Winner Georgia Doubles Appreciation Award 2015 at National Convention in Atlanta, GA