Topguns Molten Lava,  Daylily

*Topguns Molten Lava

*Topguns Molten Lava (4037) This is a midseason bloomer, and is one of my new generation dormant doubles. Topguns Molten Lava normally has between 5 and 8 branches with 4 buds on each branch. The scapes are around 34” tall. The flower is a UFO double that doubles around 90% of the time for me.  The base color of Topguns Molten Lava is blood red. It has a large yellow green throat. Topguns Molten Lava looks like a huge boquet of flowers when in a clump. It will make a tremendous show flower. Being dormant, I expect it to double very well in the northern parts of our country. The substance is excellent. I am very excided about this flower. 2007