Topguns Linda Farris,  Daylily

*Topguns Linda Farris

*Topguns Linda Farris (4058)  Dor., Tet. dbl, 5.50”, 4 branches, 28” scape, 20 buds, midseason bloomer and strong rebloomer. Topguns Linda Farris is named after a very good friend of mine who has done much to encourage me in my work. It is a cream yellow picotee double with a dark rust red eye, and green throat. Topguns Linda Farris  flower attracted much attention at our 2007 regional as it was putting on a real show. It is taller than many of my picotee doubles so it stands out over a long distance. It doubles very well for me, usually in the 80% range.  It is a strong growing plant that has withstood a lot of abuse the last few years in my garden due to much adverse weather. (2009)