Topguns Indian Blanket,  Daylily

*Topguns Indian Blanket

*Topguns Indian Blanket (6114) Dormant, Tet., 6.00 inch flower, 5 branches, 30 buds, aprox. 29 inch scape, Mid-late bloomer, and a strong propensity to rebloom here in northern growing zone 7.  Topguns Indian Blanket has been a favorite of mine since I first saw it bloom. There are a lot of different colors in Topguns Indian Blanket. The base color is a wine red, or maybe a rose red, with much darker veins. But along with that, as you move outward on the petals, the color lightens to almost pink with the edge being a very light pink to near white on both the petals and sepals. Then there is a very distinctive white mid-rib in the petals. Topguns Indian Blanket also has a green throat. All of these colors remind me of the blankets I have seen in American Indian trading Posts, so that is how the flower  got it’s name. It is a very pretty flower that just seems to keep blooming over a very long time. (2011)