Topguns Grim Reaper,  Daylily

*Topguns Grim Reaper

*Topguns Grim Reaper (T-2238) This is a large UFO flower measuring around 7.50 inches when well grown. The sharks tooth edging is very pronounced in warm weather and shows the tet. Spindazzle background.. Topguns Grim Reaper usually has 4 branches and around 18 buds. It is dormant and a bi-color. The base color of the petals is red and the sepals are yellow. The gold sharks tooth edging is a big bonus that really makes the flower stand out. The sepals and petals usually recurve and expose the large yellow green throat. Topguns Grim Reaper is a mid-late blooming tet that should make a great show flower as well as garden subject…2006