Topguns Flame and Firelight, Daylily

*Topguns Flame and Firelight

*Topguns Flame and Firelight (5075) Dormant, Tet., 6.00 inch flower, 5 branches, 15 buds, 38 inch scape, Mid-late season, and a strong re-bloomer in my garden. The color on Topguns Flame and Firelight changes a lot during the bloom season. Topguns Flame and Firelight  will start out a almost solid bright red, but as the season progresses here, and the daily temperatures go up, it develops a defined lighter, almost yellow band on the petals and sepals as shown in the picture. Topguns Flame and Firelight is a very consistant double for me, usually doubling at least 80% of the time. And it has a great propensity to rebloom here in Oklahoma City. (2011)