Topguns Check Me Out, Daylily

*Topguns Check Me Out

*Topguns Check Me Out (11092) This is a dormant tet.  MLa blooming, double flower, 5.50” flower, usually has 5 branches for me and 20 buds, 23” scape.  The color of Topguns Check Me Out is light red but the prominent darker red veins make in both the petals and sepals make  this a special flower in my breeding program. I do not take records of crosses but ever since I started using this flower, I am getting a lot of blooms with this characteristic. I think it will lead to other color breaks down the road. The bold gold border on the petals of Topguns Check Me Out make this flower truly stand out. There is also a darker red halo on the petals. Topguns Check Me Out blooms double nearly 100% of the time and is a great rebloomer for me. 2015