Topguns Candy Cane, Daylily

*Topguns Candy Cane

*Topguns Candy Cane (T-2191) This is one of many very nice UFO flowers I obtained by crossing Tet. Spindazzle onto various seedlings. I am partial to the color orange. I feel it enhances most other colors. Topguns Candy Cane is a orange-red flower with a bold yellow and gold border. It is a large flower, usually around 7.00inches. Topguns Candy Cane has a very large lime green throat that really sets it off. It has excellent branching, usually 4 to 6, that makes it an excellent show flower as well as garden flower. Fro me it has produced 20 to 25 buds on most scapes. It is fairly tall, around 36 inches here which gives it real garden presence that can be seen from a long way off. Topguns Candy Cane is a dormant tet that blooms early to midseason…2006