Topguns Apache Warpaint, Daylily

*Topguns Apache Warpaint

*Topguns Apache Warpaint (7048) Dormant, dbl.Tet., 5.00” flower, 3 branches, 15  buds , scape height around 24 inches, midseason bloomer that is for me in northern growing zone 7, a very strong re-bloomer. 'Topguns Apache Warpaint' is one of two bi-color doubles that I am releasing as a 2011 intro. As you can see, the petals are a clear, bright red and the sepals are yellow. The petal will have a small gold edge in hot weather.  The substance is very good.  The bi-colors  will allow you see this flower all the way across your garden.  'Topguns Apache Warpaint'  is double for me about 85% of the time, and will make a great garden flower or show flower .  (2011)