Topguns Anita Causey, Daylily

*Topguns Anita Causey

*Topguns Anita Causey (T-1493) This is by far my most consistent and eye appealing double picotee to date. I registered it at 5.75 inches but many flowers exceed 6.00 inches for me. I love the saturated color contrast of the cream petals and the dark burgandy eye and edge. The yellow-green throat finishes off the flower. Although I feel doubling is usually connected somewhat to the number of hours of daylight and the number of hours of warmer temperatures, this flower doubles very well both in my garden and potted in my greenhouse. I will usually get 4 or 5 branches on 'Topguns Anita Causey' and it will re-bloom for me quite well. I registered this flower as semi-evergreen because it leaves a small amount of green foliage on top of the ground over the winter here. I can’t say how it will perform further south than Oklahoma City, it is dormant here because  it emerges with the asparagus new shoots in the spring. If you want a truly dramatic double that you will enjoy both as a garden flower and a show flower try 'Topguns Anita Causey'…2005